I’m sick of being sick, its official. Ok so I’ve far less to whinge about than people I know who have/had life threatening illnesses and the Good Lady Rachel who is currently sick everyday from carrying the Newtlet, but after ten days of cellutis a skin infection which has caused my left leg to swell up like an angry red balloon and makes me feel permanently nauseous I think I deserve a small outburst. Off to see the doctor in a hours time, and will probably be rewarded with another batch of antibiotics. Brilliant.

In other news I have caught up with all things Rome on my outstanding list. Ancient Rome the Rise and Fall (the recent BBC series) which is ok but a bit filmed in LSD vision for my liking, Rome (BBC/HBO) which I got for my birthday and was cracking as ever (Titus Pullo still rules) and Rome Total War the pc game which sucks my life away in the most immersive way. Also started watching I Claudius again which still rocks. “Faster than you can boil asparagus!”

Still loving RuneQuest, currently planing the big-silly-rq campaign in Northern Dara Happa to end them all. Full of crunchy combat, intrigue, duels, trading, assasination, courting etc etc. Its nice to sit  there with a notepad and sketch out ideas for fun, rather than working against a deadline for a con game. This be said I best get back into my HeroQuest book writing this weekend, since I’ve set myself the deadline of the end of the month to get it done.

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