Its dead Jim

More nonsense with computers.

With Furnace out of the way I was enjoying the freedom of not having to use the pc to write stuff up, and was idlely considering what I should write next (hint finsh of New Beginnings!). Then yesterday my windows hard drive, which I bought in June, died. This was not entirely unexpected, since I’ve been getting SMART warning for the last month or so (which added to the Furnace nerves considerably). Fortunately I’ve got a second drive running Ubuntu, which is happyly purring away as I type, which strangely enough can access the Windows HD and pull data across (wheeeee no loss of writing/mp3/photos etc). In a rather bizarre twist this might actually allow me to recover all the data that I lost on the drive that died in June, which did have lots of unbacked up data ( For example the most complete version of the Monkey Rpg that I’ve been working on over the last couple of years ).

I’ll get all this sorted out, we have a pcworld just down the road, but its going to be a slow day of installs and burning data to cds. which I would have much rather spent doing other things.

Also it means I now need to have a realistic data back up strategy, to save all the files/photos that me and Rach are cramming on the pc. Which in a way as the death of computer innocence. Before all this the pc was just a box which I fiddled with as a toy. Those days are gone I fear.

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