Avoiding being grumpy

woke up dead again this morning, and nearly rang in sick, then suddenly I became full of the joys of life which carried me into work.

Where I then became the most irritable bugger.

so some deliberate jollying up was in order, much silly wobbling round the office, a jokey approach to work….

Furnace 2007, wot a con that was….

A record breaking ten thousand attendees, suffice to say local catering ran out and delegates resorted to cannibalism on the first day. But due to the popularity of the temperance movement amongst rpgers at present we never ran out of beer.

Highlights of the con.

Graham and Tom doing strange things with Sprouts

Darrans’ Formula 1 Skoda scenario

My 10 player game on water skis!!

…the Evil Gaz memorial tournament.

So much fun I was on life support for the following six months!!!

(prompted by this thread  over at the Tavern )

GURN!!Oh yes and this fabulous example of me gurning, taken by

, helped as well

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