The warm glow from Furnace

Well Furnace exceeded all my expectations. I expected to enjoy it myself but I was overwhelmed by the fact that everyone else enjoyed if from word go with no let up! We could have done with about ten more bodies to fill all the games, but none of the attendees went without 🙂 I’ve been to many other gaming cons, but I can safely say this was the most relaxed and friendliest I’ve ever attended. I could witter on some more, but my brain is still melted with joy from the whole experience….

Read others praise

Rik Kershaw Moore (Kult of Keepers, a Call of Cthulhu group)
Evil Gaz (who ran lots of games for us)
Graham Spearing (Furnace chairman)

…oh and we’ll be doing it again next year, probably the weekend before (20th-21st Oct 07)

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