The Weekend

In short quite a fun one for Newts, but missing Rach badly because she’s just done four nights in a row. Tonight is an official snuggle night with presents!

Just chilled out and watched films on Friday night and played abit online, which was all a bit predictable.

Saturday ran around doing jobs and tidying the house. Definitely getting into the swing of things. My mate Stuart came round in the evening. Much feasting and knightly chatter about Glorantha & the ‘tribe’ ensued. He assaulted my ears with Journey’s greatest hits (arrgghhh!! Punch the air!). In retailation I made him watch about 20mins of the worlds worst Fu Manchu film (some crap from the 30s, wonderfully detailed sets, beyond dire acting).

Sunday far too hungover for it to be funny. I’ve decided now I’m officially a light weight booze wise. Just call me “three pints Newport” and I’ll “yup, yup indeed sir”. At least I wasn’t sick, but it prevented me whizzing around. Spent most of the day sorting out my computer, so I’ve now got Windows Xp back up on one harddrive, and Ubuntu Linux running on a second HD.  Windows took 2 hours to install (basic install + downloading latest drivers). Ubuntu was done in 20mins (with further hour downloading in the back ground to install all the updates, multimedia, + shed load of other stuff). Its now my primary OS and I’m loving it!!!  I also got all the ideas that have been buzzing round my head for the four new scenarios I’m writing for Furnace, which was a relief as well as intense fun since the con is under a months time!!!

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