Same old same, different me!!!

I’ve not been posting much recently, mainly due to me feeling very introspective in a life changing sort of way. One I didn’t want to bore you lot with my philosphoical meandering about the the furture of el Newt, second I didn’t think it was any of your pigging business and finally most of it didn’t make much sense to even me!!

To cut a story short I reached a nice ‘Happiness plateau’ apres le Continuum. Alot of things that I’ve been aiming at for many years ; fun job, nice house, stable relationship, respect from my peers (well the ones that mater anyways),all came home to roost pretty much within a three month period. After the joyous celebration of it all, there was that horrible anticlimatic feeling of that I had achieved all I wanted to out of life.

Hence a prolonged period of introspection (yawn)

I’ve now pulled out of it,with a whole new set of goals and exciting things (well to me anyways) to do.

Expect big things in the months to come 🙂

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