Burning Newt

Took Friday off, since the old batteries where begining to run a bit low. Did pretty much bugger all except play Halflife 2 and play about with our new 6Mega pixel Fuji Film camera (no evidence though, since dofus managed to erase all the pics I took).

Saturday did a bit of much needed house work, started playing Call of Duty 2 again (can you spot the theme here). Then in the afternoon dragged my self out to Oldham town centre, for whats probably my 4 or 5th visit since moving here! Took lots of piccies with new camera, which I’ll post latter when I’ve got a new web host sorted (cos my current one is full up!). Also visited the new libary and got some books out (as you do). Visited the local Wetherspoons for a quick pint, then headed home to have a couple more and play Deus Ex, and oldly but goody.

Sunday. Really ramped up the effort on housework and gardening, which I think impressed Rach (well at least she didn’t moan about lack off). Had the worst Sunday Lunch ever at a local pub with the inlaws. The food was terrible and best forgotten. Not going there again. Then did the back lawn and loafed around the house.

On the getting ready for Continuum in two weeks time front, did some more work on my Stalingrad meets Tolkien Burning Wheel scenario which is loosely based on the film Enemy at the Gates. Really enjoying writting this and looking forward to running it. Mark Galeotti ,contributor/ex line editor of HeroQuest and Dr in Russian history, wrotes some nice Lifepaths and a new rule for the Communist Dwarfs who are the PCs of the adventure, which has saved me alot of time + added to the fun 😀

Wonderfully hot weather we are having at the mo eh?

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