Newt Style

Or rather lack of it.

This seasons’ look is like that of 10 years….only more so. Silly shorts, brightly coloured short sleeve shirts, hair long, boots, canvas deck shoes, combat trousers… If you know me you know the drill.

Managed to replenish the old Rock T-shirt collection since most of my old t-shirts literally fell to bits after 10-15 years of service. As well as the obligatory Motorhead and Dead Kennedy’s shirts, I also managed to replace from a German website my No Means No “You Kill me” T-shirt which I originally bought 16 years ago!!! Also added a rather nice blue “Innsmouth High School” courtesy of Tentacles GM reward system.

Got a nice selection of combat shorts, one a grubbly urban camo design the other a olive pair with flowers 😀 Had to explain the origin of past knee/shin length combat shorts to a rather bemused Rach.

The hair is coming along nicely. Looking less and less like Mr Mop head every day.

Picked up a nice Hawaiian shirt recently, although it is same as dreadtemujin‘s so we can not risk being in the same room wearing said shirt or the universe will implode in embarrassment. Found a good website that sells beautiful authentic Hawaiian shirts, so I’ll be purchasing one before Continuum.

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