Things that are currently rocking my boat.

Skindred live two weeks ago. Three bands over as many hours, not bad value for a tenner. First up were local Skindred rip offs Daywalkers (or sumpthing like that). Not really got much good to say about this crew, but they seemed to have brought their own fans who liked them. Multi Purpose Chemical was the band of the evening for me, precision based metal core, tight and funky with a gruff vocals with a serious sense of humour going on. Skindred? Well when they could be bothered to play during their 50 min set they were blinding.

Devin Townsend. Seriously getting into Terria, his solo album that explores the theme of the element of earth (no really). Spacey, twiddly heartfelt metal that I initially overlooked on first listen. But bugger me he’s released two more records lately that have completely gone under my metal radar. New Devin Townsend Band,SYNCHESTRA and a new Strapping Young Lad lp , New Black. The latter I have on Download now, and will buy tomorrow when its out in the shops. Its allot more pop metal than the last lp Alien, but only in the sense that that lp was a dense noisy affair. Defiantly liking it on first listen. catchy and unapologetically METAL!!

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