slagged by Dreedymuffin

Gowan tell us seven songs yer listening to this moment, cos some slag on LJ tagged you cos they got tagged by a slag, who was tagged by another slag….etc

1.Corrosion of Conformity – Born again in a daydream
2.Disturbed – Land of Confusion *
3.Funkadelic-Free your ass and your mind will follow.
4.Voivod – This is not an exercise
5.Slayer – Reigning Blood
6.Celtic Frost – Progeny
7. Ministry- Lies, lies, lies.

Oh look no Keefbaker, cos ees a slaggg!!!! **

*this is Glennkennobi‘s fault. He mentioned it I just had to check it out)
**or simply cos I still aven’t got round to buying Purelanguage DOH!

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