Oh a happy man am I

Today started off with the mother of panic attacks. I haven’t had a full blown one in years and it took me by surprise this morning when it kicked in. Made it into work though. Feeling a bit shaky, but kinda strangely giddy. I have the office to myself so I spent the morning happily listening to Janes Addiction’s Ritual Lo Habituall (my fave summer album of all time, and it certainly is summer here in Manchester) and getting a shed load done.

Then at lunch went into the arch Satan that is HMV for a browse. Certainly wasn’t expecting to see the new Tool album, 10,000 days, out at a very reasonable price (£12). Worth it for the cd package alone, a 3d art extravaganza using images by my favourite artist Alex Grey. Listening to the lp now and although its only the first listen it is very good. Highly Recommended for fans of prog, metal and intelligent rock music. Probably a bit more assessable than Lateralus their last lp, but Tool are one of those bands who I will immediately buy unlistened to. Awesome stuff.

Quiet night into tonight, before going out to see Killing Joke tomorrow after a few beers with the boys.

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