Cat 2 Rodents 5

At the bottom of our garden is a hill with a field. On said hill we learnt is a rabbit warren. Our naughty cat BBC brings in bunnies from the warren. Alive. Mr Newt screams, rescues Mr Bunny from Mr BBC’s jaws of steely death. Rabbit set loose runs into corners of room, Mr Newt gives chase. Pic to the left is one of the 3 rabbits I have so far rescued, rodent rescues 1 & 5 were field mice. BBC has mauled to death one mouse and one rabbit (which he ate the ears of!!!?). He seems to have stoped now after getting his ass kicked by the bigger Ginger and White Tom who also prowls the fields. This is good because the last rabbit went under the kitchen units and had to be got out by a joiner!!!

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