The reality of my surroundings

I’m working from home today. Working in a very loose way, interspersed with tv and pottering round the house. Currently burnt out by the whole move. If I had thought it through I would have booked a proper go away and relax sort of holiday straight after the move.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve become a right little wingy bitch about my job. However part of me has always realised that its because I’m tired and once batteries are recharged the inevitable stomp of the Newt will continue. In the meantime Its not all doom and gloom. Some progress has been made. I’m now very much my own man at work (something that in black moments I turn into a “oh my boss is a jerk, and nobody listens to me” attitude) and in about three months the cv is going to be filled with skills that three months ago I didn’t have. I’m currently assessing whether or not staying at Manchester Uni is the best thing for me career wise. It may be incredibly non-pressured, but sometimes the pace is far to slow and it does the soul good to get projects out once in a blue moon. The inefficiency of the place also staggers me and is beginning to frustrate me on a daily basis. They’ve spent the best part of two years reassessing the pay scales, something that they’ve still not done completely. Saying this its not guaranteed that me going into private industry will be a step in the right direction. Things might be just as inefficient and high pressured to boot.

Some serious soul searching over the next ten days off.

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