Anyone for Tiffin?

The Blue Tiffin in Oldham Very much expecting a quiet night in, a bit of pc gaming and a slow grumpy descent into an early bed. Instead Rachel suggested we go out to eat.

So off we go to the Blue Tiffin, an Indian resturant were you would expect a Kwik fit to be. However the rather odd location was quickly forgotten as the pleasant and eager staff looked after us in nice relaxing surroundings. Had an ace Veggie Rogan Josh washed down with a couple of pints of well kept Cobra lager, while Rach had a Paneer Samber. We chatted about future plans;house extendsion, Brian’s 60th, the patter of small newtling feet. Then with bellies waving white flags of defeat squeezed into the car and headed home.

An ace little resturant we’ll definatly be going to again 😀

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