You’re a big man, but you’re in bad shape. With me it’s a full time job. Now behave yourself

Had fun weekend, now tidying up the loose ends before ten days off over Easter. Bliss.

Friday night was the long talked about game of Mythic Russia. Meet up with Chris Lee, Martin Smart and Chris Jones for a night of German Beer, Lager and Teutonic Knights hosted by the lovely Stuart Stansfield. The game started at about 9 and stomped along until about 3am.

Saturday. After a slow morning chatting to the guys came back via the bus mid afternoon. Much improving my knowledge of North Manchester in the process. Did some token tidying up and finally watched “Get Carter” which defiantly wins my award for bleakest film that I’ve seen in recent history. Favourite line gives the subject title of this post. Rach arrived home early from work, after being let out early to pick up BBC who had been at the vets overnight after losing yet another of his lives in a cat fight. He now has a bald patch on the right hand side of his head and stitches in his right ear. I’m not sure which is worse the bonkers cat who charges round the house, or this sullen wall flower that mopes everywhere I go.

Sunday. The excess of Friday night truly caught up with me. Despite the queasiness and general stiffness I got a fair bit of tidying and sorting done, before settling down to watch a couple of episodes of the Green wing back to back. SHEEP!!!

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