Spring has sprung!!!

And it feels funky.

However a strange malaise has fallen on me recently. With move out of the way it all feels a bit anticlimactic. Without the pressure of having to get things done for the house move/unpacking I’m left feeling a bit unmotivated and lost. Now is the time to get on with all those things I said I would after I moved house. I’m sure with a bit of bloody minded persistence I’ll get things moving on.

Nice Andy is officially our first visitor. He sampled the delights of one of our locals, The half way House, on Friday. After tea and a few pints we then retired back to Château le Smethport for more beers and Kung-fu Hustle. It was lovely to see him, and it makes a big difference now that we have a guest room and all the space in the house.

Cats needed training in the use of the cat flaps, as they where too posh to push. Not sure if young Tiswas has got the hang of it yet. Although she was through the kitty door as quick as can be if there is ham on the other side!!

Beginning to feel myself slow down for Easter (which I must book off).

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