The last stages of my cold is burning itself out. It kept me awake last night with a horrible hacking cough. I’m now at the stage I must take care of myself or it will settle on my chest and cause an infection which will put me on a cause if antibiotics. So a little effort doing some deep breathing exercises and eating fresh veg will go a long way.

Had a long weekend which was much needed. On Saturday felt the calm return like a long lost friend. Spent most of the weekend chilling out playing on the computer and tidying up the house. Had the in-laws over on Friday night and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the old wide-screen, which is still rocking my boat serverly. On Saturday stayed up way too late playing Guildwars with Matt and introduced Rach to the joys of Skype. Sunday made an awesome curry and did more sorting out in the garage in the pouring rain.

The result of all this domestic activity is that the house is now free of clutter, stuff to go/ebayed is now living in the garage and all we have to do practically is have cat flaps installed in the kitchen and back door to free up the guest room. Not a moment too soon, with the increase in confidence and the onset of spring the cats want to be out all the time and boy do they know how to tell you!!. Fortunately the joiner is coming this Tuesday. So soon we’ll be in the state to invite people over as well as get on with normal lives unobessed with packing/unpacking.

Back at work now, much happier and relaxed after a much needed break 😀

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