In a rather mixed mood at the moment. Mainly due to suffering withdrawal symptoms from not having broadband at home; BT is swamped with activation work (I blame all these offers from ISPs and PC World for cheap wireless connections) so apparently can expect the green light on the modem to come on any time between now and the end of next week!! Grr my inner 15th teen year old is stropping.

However I’ve been suitably entertained this week. Old skool PC gaming rules the roost, with me returning to the simple joys Halflife and marvelling at its sheer genius of game play and level design, which goes on forever!! Deus Ex is up on the menu next. Also been enjoying Sky + which we got earlier in the week. Watched Layer Cake, and its the best British Gangster film I’ve seen in ages. Up there with the Long Good Friday, and more twists than a curly wurly!. Well recommended.

Work is developing nicely, with me taking more steps away from simple content management towards web programming. Also as a bonus they’ve finally got our regrading exercise sorted and the Head of School Administration is coming round with the letters this afternoon.

Life is good 🙂

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