I was going to wait until NTL had sorted us out with t’internet at our new residence and make a long blow by blow account of how the move went.

Well after the fourth attempt yesterday (new excuse “we meant NEXT Tuesday”) I’m not waiting for hell to freeze over. Hence a quick summary written over lunch at work.

  • Oldham is nice but the wettest place on earth. Being an amphibian I love this 😀
  • I now get the bus and it takes 1hr door to door as opposed to 1.5-2 hrs and it is bliss.
  • Due to shorter bus journey I have much more energy to crack on with work, and I have my evenings back!
  • Cats have settled in and all flew solo outside by the end of the first week. So nah to the idea you have to keep your kitties in for a month. Saying this however BBC was very naughty and spent 12 hours out the first time he flew solo in the fields and garages behind our house. He made his mummy cry.
  • I have three reasonable pubs 5 mins walk from the house. Apparently there’s a really good pub that time forgot a short walk over the fields, which only serves real ale and only cheese and ham sandwiches on a Saturday lunch, IF YOU ASK FOR THEM! When the weather picks up defiantly trying that one out.
  • The house is gorgeous and despite teething troubles keeping it clean not the huge task that I thought it would be.
  • While living in a town with all that entails, good transport links, shops, we also are surrounded by countryside. The air is fresh and clean

Two of our cats summed up how I fell about the move. I was in the lounge and in walks Holly purring away. Now that’s something I’ve never seen before a cat purring on its own! Then Tiswas walks in purring away. Which gets me thinking, apart from the occasional niggle, that’s what I’ve been doing since I moved in 😀

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