Ranch relaxo

Taking a quiet moment to myself.

Things are begining to get busy on the move front as we pack up the rest of our belongings. Rach has looked into hiring a Pickfords van, since we’ve sold the Leeds house we are going to have to move everything in one go. The cats are still bonkers. BBC is clingy and keeps on attacking the many cardboard boxes that are accumilating in the front room. We reckon this is because BBCs previous owners left him when they moved house. I keep on cuddling him and reassuring him that we are not going to leave him, but alas at the end of the day he is not a small person in a furry coat and can not understand my words. This leaves us with a rather oddly behaving cat, who is spending most of his time charging around the house.

I’ve been kinda demotivated at work after putting the online results live. Catching up with more mundane work, uploading of documents, at the moment, before finishing off another website. I’ve realised however that my job is always going to be filled with projects of various sizes and that I can’t afford to ‘deflate’ energywise after finshing one. Onwards and upwards!

Off to see Clutch/Corrosion of Conformity in Manchester this Saturday with Nice Andy (Andy Martyn). In the strange posistion of going from Leeds and returning here afterwards. If we had moved house it would make more sense to return to Oldham, but because I’m not 100% sure of how to get to the new house it has been struck off as a bad idea. Especially with a drunk Mr Newt stubbling around in the dark.

Talking of upcoming gigs quite fancying going and seeing American Headcharge at Bradford Rios on Sat 28th. Also there’s Coheed & Cambria, nice anthemic melodic heavy metal with a bonkers prog-rock sci-fi story line going through their songs rapidly becoming a firm favourite despite being almost grrrless, playing Thursday 2nd Feb in Manchester. Will have to pull my finger out and book one or both very soon.

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