Best day evaaaaaaaarrr!!!

Got up nice bright and early and had a good train journey in. I was actually awake so carried on reading Colleen McCullough’s The Grass Crown, a tale of the movers and shakers in the Late Roman Republic Sulla/Marius era. Gripping stuff which after a slow start is begining to get reallly going. If you liked Rome on Tv recently I’ld recommend this book.

Then got in and made the online results section of our website live. Its a modest output, one set of results for 200 students, but it represents 2 months of nail biting absolute deadline pant wetting stress and a major crossing the rubicon moement in my career. Its up and thus far glowing praise and no problems.

Later today I’m off to go play Cthulhu Rising, which is basically Cthulhu mets aliens. The first session was well good, so really looking forward to it.

And best of all Rach has just rang me to tell me that we’ve been made an offer from a local investor’s agency for the house. So no loose ends, money in the bank, when we move to the new gaff. Best of all I don’t even have to finish off the decorating in the front room. YAR!

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