XMAS redux

Tommorrow in the strange land I inhabit is Xmas. Tonight is XMAS eve, where we and Rach’s parents Brian and Elaine, will gather round our new house in Oldham for nibbles and beer. Tommorrow is Xmas with nutroast for us and Turkey for them, presents afterwards under the Xmas tree, followed by eventual coma due to too much beer and chocolate.

All this is because Rach was working on the real xmas. It was weird doing my xmas shopping yesterday. While I was buying my presents, grumpy monosyblic men where trying to return unwanted gifts. There wasn’t the crush of people and I got it all done in about one and a half hours.

The rest of the weekend is going to be spent exploring Oldham for the first time. Then back to Leeds Sunday afternoon, and the new year starts for real.

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