Under one month to go….

…til we move house that is.

First batch of gubbins, the entire contents of the attic which contains 95% of my stuff goes tommorrow in a Rach driven van. I’m working from home, doing the loading at that end, while father in-law does the unloading at the other. We then have a break and then more or less everythiing else except bed/sofa goes to new house week commencing Feb 6th.

So I spent yesterday in the attic packing boxes, a job that was physically tireing and somewhat emotional. The cats ‘helped’ like running around like Viking berserkers, jumping into boxes I was trying to pack. Me and Rach know that the cats know we are moving. Lots of supervised vists to the new outside world and bribes in the form of ham are planned when we move.

All this moving marlarky meant it was good to go out on a whim on Friday night to the Portland and drink far too much beer with deputy_dug, dr_misrule, Speedy, Cal, sarah_orange Jenny and some other folk. It was great to see everyone and despite being a bit too wobbly and huggy on the drinks front its really centred me at a time I was begining to flip out. Thanks chaps 😀

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