Happy New Year ya tiddlers

Just a quick post to wish everyone who bothers to read this damn thing all the best for the New Year.

I’ll probably post a self indulgent “reflections on 2005” post tomorrow, but some quick sound bites.

2005 was the year of

  • Grumpy metal courtesy of Fudge Tunnel, Ministry & American Headcharge.
  • Too much FPS leading to disillusionment
  • Titus Pullo, man of the series Rome. Ave it!
  • Gearing up to move house.
  • Er indoors finishing off her course and then going to do a very scary job.
  • Me changing roles at work without moving desk or being paid anymore.
  • Mood swings, grumpyness to idiotic joy.

And most of all

Taking the piss out of keefybabe pictorially.


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