Warm in my Hobbit Hole

So another chapter of my exciting life begins to unfold. Finally beaten off the dark cloud of depression that has held me in its thrall for the last week or so. A good session of chilling out with beers and Men shouting over loud guitars, specifically my favourite punk band ever Fear (which is a tad worrying) and Fudge Tunnel’s “Complicated Futility of Ignorance”, which both fitted my mood perfectly. “Have a beer with Fear”? Well yes I did and most pleasant. As keefybabe used to say “The Terror never ends, it just stops for a pint once in a while”.

Rachel is now off nights until Sunday, which is joyous, and I’ve broken the back of work with my big project now easily achievable instead of a humiliating disgrace. However I’m exhausted so apologies to bitvacuous & dr_misrule but I won’t be joining you at The Damned this evening as previously advertised. Instead I shall be gently geeking out at home after a nice home made tea packed with lots of fresh vegetables (vegetable biryani seems a good choice here).

Currently working from my warm home, steeling myself to go out into the great cold outdoors to stock up on provisions just after lunch. Stripping down an old PHP/Mysql website I wrote yonks ago which was in itself based on the dynamic site I wrote for my MSc almost five years ago!! The idea being that I’ll have a very simple CMS that I can use for a site at work and for my own personal web pages. If I get it robust enough I’ll make it available for download. But then again……

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