Newt at the movies

Had a terribly depressing weekend, the only good thing about which was the two films I watched Sunday evening.

Once upon a time in the West directed by Sergio Leone, the last of his westerns where he took his directing skills to another level. Argued by some to be the greatest western ever, IMHO shits all over The Good the Bad and the Ugly, which don’t get me wrong I still enjoy heartily. Henry Fonda as the villain Frank and Charles Bronson as Harmonica, more than make up for the lack of Van Cleef and Eastwood. Heck I shouldn’t even be comparing the two films, since Once upon a time in the west is in a different league of film, perhaps only kept company by Once Upon a time in America. Shows that cinema can be art not just a vehicle to make money.

Bubba Hotep Excellent film that transcends the genres it mixes up. Is it a horror b-movie, an alternative Elvis biopic, a comedy, a statement on the plight of the old? The answer is greater than the sum of these parts. Plot is well thought out too, despite the thrown togetherness of the elements. An aged Elvis Presley, a black JFK and a cowboy Egyptian mummy. A classic which deserves more recognition.

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