Things I have learnt today

1. Life is full of weasels, I may have to keep the weasels happy for now but they will choke on their own vomit eventually. I shall be not concerned.
2. Green tea is ace.
3. I can exceed my expectations quite easily, and remain calm. Just think of Indiana.
4. You can be a mousey bore on your mobile phone on the train, be verbally abusive to a fellow passenger when they reprimand you, but god will put loud Asian students in the seats behind you when you get to Huddersfield.
5. You can be racially abusive about the driver and other passengers, while discussing your shoplifting strategy with your junior apprentice and nobody will say owt cos your the “Psycho on the the Bus”.
6. (and this is important) Cat poo magically disappears if you apply hot water and bleach via a cloth.

Now who said life is dull?

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