The weekend thus far

So far this weekend can be summed up by the following words;

Tired Was so wired and tired by the time I got home, delayed by being stuck behind a slow train from Huddersfield (grrr). Went to Boarders with Rach, bought zip, and then had a quick tea. Was grumpy then went to bed.

Productive Went to Morrisons, stocked up on provisions. While we were there stopped by the HSBC branch and sorted out our joint finances. Also got a mortgage certificate which shows that the HSBC will loan us a silly amount of money. All in all really set my mind at rest about money matters (which have been bothering me recently). Then came home and sorted out about a hundred records to give to keefybabe and finished off the “Song for Keef” project (see cut below for results).

Party keefybabe was five yesterday so I and a bunch of other peeps went round his gaff for a parteeeee. Been a while since I’ve been to one of these ‘hey lets cram everyone in a room” type affairs and I nearly passed out with the heat in the first hour or two. Had a great time and chatted to a bunch of people that I have previously known only from keefybabe’s friends list. Was a wuss and came home at 11, because I’m an early morning person these days, and the bedroom needs painting today.

Crap Finished off House of Flying Daggers, which I thought was a pile of tosh. Completely overdone bullocks! Also struggling my way through “A touch of Zen”, a martial arts film from the 70s, which although lovely filmed and very evocative is as slow as a turtle. One hour in and there’s been one, rather good, fight scene. Sticking with it (will watch rest later) since it has had positive reviews, e.g. this one at It could me however going off Martial Arts films, so I’m going to watch Enter the Dragon or Hard boiled later to test if this is the case.

Procrastinate Is what I am doing now. I’ve a bedroom to paint and a house to tidy…hum more COD2 I think 😀

Lonely Is what I’ll be tonight, since Rach is at work today and is going over to stay at her mums tonight. This shouldn’t bother me but after the “wayyhey I can do what I like” wears off after a couple of hours, it gets very creepy being in the house alone.

1. Lawnmower Deth – Ooh Crikey [Richard]
2. Theme – Dr. Who (Original Version)
3. Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner – Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins
4. Nasenbluten – Cuntface [Clone boy]
5. The Ramones Happy Birthday
6. Madness – House of Fun [Gilly]
7. Lawnmower Deth – Seventh Church Of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower
8. Village people – YMCA [Rachel]
9. Front Line Assembly – Mindphaser [Glenn]
10. Monty Python – Bruces’ Philosophers Song
11. Zimmers Hole – Gaysong
12. Theme – button moon
13. Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride [Doug]
14. Lard – The Power of Lard
15. David Hasselhoff – Looking for Freedom [Gilly]
16. Glen A. Larson And Stu Phillips – Battlestar Galactica (Theme)
17. Mr. Bungle – ma meeshka mow skwoz
18. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy
19 Lamb – Goreki [Gilly]

Front of the CD


For the front of a birthday card (which I left at work, doh!)

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