Days of Giants!

Ok so I’m exaggerating just a touch here.

The weekend was fairly non-descript. Involved a great deal of cleaning, playing on the pc and sorting out the house website (which is going up later today). Also allot of watching of episodes of HBO/BBC historical drama series Rome. Very much a personal drama thing, the 13 or so episodes dealing with the Pompey/Caesar war and the end of the Roman Republic, seen through not only the eyes of the nobles but also the commoners. Very good and has had me gripped over the last couple of days. Each episode runs at about 50mins, it will be interesting how much gets cut for the BBC2 broadcasts which start on Nov 2 since it is very no holds barred towards the violence and Roman ‘pragmatic’ view of sex. If you want a preview of this visual treat go

Yesterday was day one of decorating the bedroom. A bit bitter-sweet because we’ve discovered that the window wall has been slightly damp at one point and needs the backing paper rehanging. Not the straight forward “strip the covering paper, paint it magnolia” job I was optimistically hoping for. Rach being the pessimist on this one, was oh so slightly smug. When the in-laws are back from their hols, father in law is being called in to hang new backing wall paper while I act as his young apprentice. Silver lining though is that since I only have to do the wall paper striping and some sanding of wooden door frames (currently painted a shade of pink called “YUUUK!”), I’ll probably finish the job today. Which means I get the rest of the week off. Huzzah!

So today is day 2 of decorating, marlarky. Something I’m currently putting off by arsing around on the pc. As you do.

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