Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lights camera action!!!

Presently I am travelling fast through an experience/perspective vortex. Events are accelerating and I’m strangely exhilarated. Seeds sown in my head three months ago are blooming fast. I’m also strangely guilt free. I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t got time or because of a fundamental change in my personality. I’m hoping it is the latter.

The move is defiantly now on. Rachel went to the bank yesterday and they will loan us the money to buy a considerably larger and more spacious pad in a nice part of Oldham. GO NEWPORTS!!! We are busy now being tidy and clutter free. The plan is to initially try to sell the house ourselves through House Web a website that makes sure you are advertised on most of the big house selling sites, without the exorbitant estate agent fees.

Work is that interesting time of year, when all the systems fail and the new batch of students arrive. Had a bit of a hissy fit when one of my projects got pulled forward a month and had to be implemented this month. But it has inspired me that from now on I’m going to pull my finger out and get things done.

Right must push off and get to work

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