Lying low

The week off really brought back my sense of humour. Rach finishing her course has probably had a lot to do with it, but seeds that I planted in my subcounciousness as early as February this year seem to have borne fruit. In fact minor revolutions in my head seem to occuring daily at the moment. I haven’t felt this strong and positive in years. Probably since I came back to my final year at Uni in 1994-95, and ran about like a loon at Rock soc as president and worked at the uni bar. This was also the year that I meet most of the Leeds folk on my friends list.

Didn’t get the job I went for recently, and actually quite happy about this. Sure the money would have been hella nice, especially since we are officially skint until October when Reach gets her first pay check (which is why you haven’t seen me out in a while…) But at the end of the day I’ve got more opportunities in my current job to do development work now and in many ways it would be a step down. Plus after the break I am in a happier mood, almost jokey, about the bobbins aspects of my current role and more willing to learn the lesions from them. Still mustn’t get complacent, I’ve got a definite agenda of where I want to be in 6-9 months so I better get my head down and work at it.

More good news on Rach’s job front, they’ve made her full time! She’s currently on her holiday and sitting around the house being bored. But were off for a week in the peak district next weekend so that should get both us a change of scene, which I think is well over due. Then I bet she’ll come back home and go into full sorting the house out mode, which should be entertaining.

Apart from rediscovering my love of Call of Duty multiplayer this weekend, my brother George came over on Friday night. We got nicely toasted, and spent the morning playing computer games and chewing the cud. On his end he’s got the sack from his job in customer support at PCWorld, some bollocks about him losing his temper too much. He’s looking for another nonsense admin/call center job to keep him, but his art is beginning to flourish once again. I’ll probably nip over to Sheffield in October to have a fun night out with him.

So a day of writing rpg stuff, the much delayed HeroQuest scenario book and my Monkey RPG rules, and sorting out the attic awaits. After just one more game of Call of Duty…..

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