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Shovel Headed Kill Machine by Exodus

Track listing:
01. Raze
02. Deathamphetamine
03. Kharma’s Messenger
04. Shudder To Think
05. I Am Abomination
06. Altered Boy
07. Going Going Gone
08. Now Thy Death Day Come
09. 44 Magnum Opus
10. Shovel Headed Kill Machine

This album wins two awards from me.
1. Most ridiculus title.
2. Most kick ass thrash album in years!

Oh yes kiddies make no mistake about this is a proper shreading-moshing-stomping-daka-daka-boom of a thrash album. Like Metallica upto Master of Puppets, Slayer Reign in Blood, Anthrax Amoung the Living. The most amazing thing is that it kills any of the recent albums by the big four of Thrash, or any of the young pretenders to the throne. Exodus was always labeled with the “band that nearly was nearly was as big as Metallica”, well this album pisses over recent ‘Tallica efforts. Also quite surprising since it only has one of the original members left, the rest being old Bay area thrashers. As an album it starts out slow and menancing with the first track “Raze” and then builds up momentum to the final title track. Corny as the cover is it reflects the musical carnage within. Anyways Thrash was never about being cool…

Favourite track: Deathamphetamine.

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