Sweaty, thundery, slightly unbalanced

Its been a while since I posted. I’ve taken time off work, but heck have I been busy. Over the last couple of days my mind has revolted and things have slowed down….still lots to do.

Friday- Straight from work to the in-laws in Rochdale. Quick spot of veggie lasaugane (quote Brian the father in Law “I tried some but had to have some of the meat version because it didn’t taste of owt”) and then over to Rach’s Grandmas for Beer and Canasta (a four person card game). Didn’t feel like playing so I scored.

Saturday-Got up at 7:30 and read until Rach rose at 10:30 ish. Then over to Shaw (a townlet within Oldham) to look round houses and check out the main street with Brian while Rach and mum went to local wool shop (yes Rach still has the knitting bug!). Had a pub lunch with Grandma and then came home to cats and doing bugger all.

Sunday- We are know officially a one Computer house hold. I no longer hold court in the attic, and instead the pc is down stairs in the living room. So spent the morning making sure the old computer was set up to run for my Brother George. Then brought down a box of games and bits, a large box of my videos, a printer, and the pc itself out of the attic and loaded up the car to go to Sheffield. Once we got to George’s new abode, which a step up from his last place in a reasonable area (Newhay/Sharrow boarder), he helped me lump all the goodies up to the fourth floor where his new flat is. I refused to do any sorting out/lifting after this. I sat there with Rach having a brew while he set it up. Only popping in to drop stuff off, so after tea was drank it was back to Leeds. Very happy to see George is ok and settling in to his new place.

Monday-Rach was back at work. Unusually for me I did a ton of house work, 3 loads of dish washing, 3 loads of clothes washing and sorted out my Role-playing stuff. I now have 3 stack n stores of RPG books which are going on ebay over the next month or so (seller id newtprime).

Tuesday-Almost the polar opposite. Managed to go get a haircut, do some veg shopping, wander round town for three hours but little else.

Wednesday. On the doing front a mix between Mon/Tues. Got my presentation done. A presentation? Yes I’ve got a job interview tomorrow and I have to do a presentation as part of it. This is the first time I’ve done one and I’m a tad nervous. Ho hum. The job I’m going for is for a Web developer at Manchester University. More money and more what I want to do, but not expecting to get it at this stage of my experience.

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