Dear Uncle Lemmy

Watched the Channel 4 documentary about Motorhead last night, and I must say what top fun it was. Although the rest of the band, the roadies, the Super fans (who get their own dressing room at gigs!) were featured the camera spent the most time on one of my life’s biggest inspirations- Mr Ian Kiliminster aka Lemmy!

Favourite quotes.

“Buy in bulk that’s what I say” Lemmy brandishing a bottle of Jack Daniels after pouring himself a generous breakfast measure.

“Hello I am Lemmy, welcome to book at bedtime. Except I don’t seem to have brought a book!” Lemmy wearing only a grin and pair of tight black underpants.

“Its good if you can stand to be alone and enjoy it. Too many people have to be surrounded by noise all the time”

“I became a much better person through LSD”

Interviewer “Have you seen a doctor recently?”
Lemmy “A couple of months ago, because you have to go on tour for insurance”
Interviewer “What did he say?”
Lemmy “My livers okay, my lungs okay, my cloastrol’s okay, my hearts ok”
Interview “How do you feel about that?”
Lemmy “Bloody grateful”

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