Another sunny day in leeds

Sorted out allot of mental issues I had with myself last night as poor Rachel hammered away at the her last assignment.

Especially good was the good soak in the bath, where for the first time in five years I felt as if I belonged in my skin and liked my age. Since I’ve turned 30 I’ve been guilty of looking back to some golden age back in the mid 90s when I was in my 20s considerably thinner, longer of hair (which didn’t have little streaks of grey in it). Working from home yesterday also did me good, since It gave me a rest and boosted my confidence.

I also in a spare hour finally finished the play test draft of my Monkey RPG, posted it to a private yahoo group for feedback. This was especially satisfying since I’ve been wittering on about it for the last 10 years, and is the first small step in getting it as a printed book. Pop over to d101games if you are interested in following my child’s progress.

Today I’m going to get my head down again and do allot of coding practice. I’ve got a project at work which needs me to do it in server and I’ve been talking the talk for months. Now I have to walk the walk…especially since I most of the promotions at work need you to be able to web program using this combination.

So as the JCBs clank away outside finishing the Alex Beever college’s new car park, I’m popping of for a quick spot of brekky.

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