Album of the Week

End. The Sounds of Disaster

01. You Only Live Once
02. To Hell With Everyone
03. Countdown To The End
04. Ruin Anyone Anywhere Anything
05. World Went Down
06. Mr Guns (The Theme From 11th Street)
07. Apache Indian Job
08. Brooklyn Home Invasion
09. Good Riddance
10. The Patricide Song
11. Fit To Die

Its been a week of grind. A continued armed police presence in both Leeds and Manchester, as the termites mill about perfumed and preened. Men with silly beards on TV threatening by the power of their voice and PR presense to bring more murder to our glasshouse lives. Yes kids welcome to the sloooooooooooooooow motion Apocalypse, and this week’s Album of the Week is the soundtrack.

This record pressed into my hands by keefybabe with the immortal words “you like loud and noisy stuff don’t cha?”. Well yes sir, I do. . Inspired by witnessing a rockerbilly act in a NY cellar bar playing on during a fire alarm, this album lives up to that inspiration. At turns jazz, hip hop, guitar based, its gloriously mixed with alarm sounds, electronic warning bleeps and infectus sense of whimsical tune. Nearest peers are Mr Bungle at their most demented, Frank Zappa at his most awkward (remember “Hot Rats” just when he got a tune going, he’d stop and play Kazoo. Lots of that sort of behavoir on this album.) and Jim Thirwell’s instrumental Steroid Maximus project. No surprise that its on Mike Patton’s Ipecac label. But I digress. This album is music to loosen your bowels to, give you giggly violent mood swings, and scare the neighbourhood cats.

Favourite track the right rollicking “To Hell With Everyone”.

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