Farewell Dr Cabbage

Well the leafy one got up to Leeds on Friday night and him and deputy_dug had a right rollicking bachelor night out on the tiles, which deputy_dug can fill in the gory details.

Meanwhile me and littlerachcat chilled out and watched “Runaway Jury” which was jolly good for a courtroom drama, 4 stars out of 5.

Went over to Oldham during the day to visit Rach’s Grandma and go shopping at Morrisons. While Rach went round with her grandma doing her shopping, I went round on my own doing ours. This was one of the most deeply wrong experiences I’ve ever had. All the aisles were the same, but in a different order to Leeds. Add to this the fact it was a busy Saturday and I was never so glad to get to the pub for lunch. After a lunch we had a quick drive round some of the latest properties Rach has seen on the interweb for sale. Some very nice houses in a very nice area, just a couple of streets away from the in-laws. Hmmmmmn.

After a brief kip to burn of the food and alcohol from lunch got ready to go out to the Victoria Hotel in town.

As usual me and Rach were early, but much to my surprise so were Doug and Cab. How grown up we all are. Doug and Cab were especially fetching in matching white shirts (don’t ask). We talked we drank Rich, grannyannie, gillywoo,nikkyboy, glennkenobi, susannah_banana, Ruth and Alan turned up, we drank some more, the gurning began (see photo), we ended up in the Lounge, Rach fell asleep just after I bought a round and I abandoned my pint of Guiness to take the wife home. Handy the taxi rank being directly opposite the Lounge. Sunday was very quiet and hungover. MORE PHOTOS HERE

So in a couple of weeks time Dr Cab is off to Washington for 2-5 years to do some medical imaging nonsense involving lasers in a government funded brain drain institute being paid very nicely to put up with Americans.

Meanwhile in good ole blighty……..

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