A shift in dynamics…

Well the old Pentinum 3 Rach uses to do her work is playing up. Win 98, never the most stable of beasts is playing up, so my monster machine has moved out of the attic so she can use it to do her dissertation on it.

My inner 15 year old did much stropping about this and it does see the end of the attic as my ivory tower, a retreat from the world and my problems were I could isolate myself from my problems and game. I’m calm almost serene about it now. I see it as a posistive move, becoming more socialble, less dependant on my PC for entertainment. It will allow me to sort out the attic, since I won’t be distracted by my uber gaming machine. This is a job which is long over due. Saying all this I’m moving Rach’s machine upstairs, and reinstalling. What I’m not sure? The technogeek in me thinks Linux, since I’m going to use the machine to write my Roleplaying stuff and do some web design, things that are infinately more creative than playing online shooters. Also I have the little matter of a scenario book I said I would write still outstanding. With Rach concentrating on her dissertation I should use this as an opportunity to put in the hours writting this beast.

Saying this I’ve still got my partition on Monstro (my pc) and blast things up with the best of them when Rach is at work, out or having a lay in. All in the comfort of the lounge šŸ™‚

You might think this another sad and geeky post about computers, but actually it is about a fundamental shift in my attitude. Away from ‘this is mine do not touch” to a more reasonable “hey lets pool resources and make the most of it”.

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