Six Songs Meme

A tad over due, but in response to querimonious‘s tag here are my six songs I hold dear.

1.Peter Gabriel-“Sledgehammer”. During the early-mid 80s while all the cool kids were doing their Wham/Aha or New Romantic thang, I was doing the white-boy funk thing. Level 42, Thomas Dolby amongst others. Sledgehammer was the song that got me going in the day, and annoyed the funk out of my school chums.

2.Ac/Dc-“For those about to Rock”. 15 with a pudding basin hairdo, this song magically opened the world to me.

3.Dead Kennedys-“This could be anywhere, this could be everywhere”. For me the Dead Kennedys make sense of the fucked up side of the world. This song. about urban gentrification, made sense of my upbringing on large souless housing estates.

4.Killing Joke-“Love like blood”. Passion, fire two qualities that are important to me, that KJ sum up in their music. One of their mellower moments this song sums up the intensity in which I sometimes live my life.

5.Primus-“Tommy The Cat”. Funk Metal saved my soul and put a gawd awful smile on my face. To say I’m a tad manic about Primus is a complete understatement.

6.Wipers-“Over the Edge”. When I ever I get depressed this little number goes on the stereo and reminds me of how much of an illusion ‘the edge is’. A fantastic punk-surf band, their driving soaring epic “No Fair” was the soundtrack of the only time I truly was deeply upset about splitting up with someone.

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