A rant in the key of Duh!

I’m not usually one for venting in public, but I’m going to get this off my chest.

In my major interest outside work is witting and playing pen and paper role-playing games. I mainly run at Conventions (fun filled weekends away usually at Universities) where I also organise not only my games but time table 2-6 others, since I am a demo team leader for a game called HeroQuest. At home when I have time and motivation I write mainly HQ again, but also my own stuff. I’m working on the HQ for publication and my own stuff is for fun (with self-publication later on perhaps).

I don’t have a problem with my writing, which I’m quietly coming along with and WILL get done, but its the attitude of my fellow gamers that’s pissing me off. You go to the trouble of creating stuff for other people to use and you don’t even get any thanks for it. And very occasionally some random nerd with his head up his own arse will actually come and have a go. This person will have no idea what they are talking about, so its an easy enough job to deflect them in an nice way. But it takes it out of your self esteem, why do I have to put up with this crap?

I’m sick of the clicheness of it all. Forums and e-group were couple of 30-40 year old loud mouths can set the agenda and rules, and on whim break them in hideous ways. The ongoing crapness where people say they are going to do it and never do and then pat themselves on the back for it. I know I’ve equally as guilty of dropping the ball from time to time, but I’m not shouting about the glory of my achievements and making outright lies as I do.

I’m also coming to the sad conclusion that allot of the hobby is an ever diminishing group of clichy men telling tales of past glories round a gradually dimming fire.

Time to have a break from this ‘community’ and come back in a month or so refreshed.

Rant over.

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