Life slows down…

Enough for me to make a post.

Two Weeks ago had a ten day holiday. Started this in fine style with Uncle Monty’s Birthday which took the traditional form of a film at the Vue Cinema and a curry at Sheesh Mahal. We all agreed the film, Revenge of the Sith, was entertaining fun. I liked it because it was so unashamably black more or less all the way through. My only peeve was that there wasn’t enough of the Wookie world. One of our number repeatably made whooshing light sabre noises in the pub afterwards. Inner 12 year olds were happy. Sheesh Mahal did what it does best, bog standard take away curries that are gorgeous. However since the parties pallets have tasted proper Indian food, we seemed to spend most of the time talking about other restaurants.

Had a week off which I had planed to get my head down and write loads. Nope were sorting out the house, putting shelves up downstairs and me clearing out the attic of books and crap. Now we have room to swing our three cats, but as you can see from the photo they would rather sit in the new shelves.

Back to work with a loud whooosh…. Lots of meetings and copy being written for the web site. Were in Build phase and boy are we building! Better still since the school site is going external only, I’ve been given the task of splitting off the staff & current student pages into separate sections, completely under my control. Here I will be able to get on with it without any interference, and my boss is actively encouraging me to do some pages which use my coding skills. Yay! I melted into a happy drooling mess the afternoon when this was all sorted out. After over two years I am finally doing the job 100% what I studied for when I did my MSc in Software development.

Other than that I succumbed to the time suck that are MMORPGs and bought Guild Wars last weekend. Lots of fun, which I can pop in and out of and best of all NO MONTHLY FEE!! Mini review when I’ve played some more.

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