If your favourite Metal Bands were a product.

Deftones- would be a tanning cream

Marilyn Manson- would be a fashion label for scheming Cruella Deville types.

Metallica- Would be an all american four by four truck.

System of a Down -would be an advice agency that campaigns against personal and government stupidity.

Strapping Young Lad – would be a brand of baby bouncer.

Motley Crue- would still be a bad joke that you send people as a all male striper gram.

Bon jovi- would be a range of mens hair oils and aftershave

Slayer-Your friendly vermin extermination service!!

Pantera- would be a two in one conditioner/shampoo with the slogan “Why take two products into the pit, Pantera Mosh and Go”

Guns and Roses- Would be a flower delivery agency to troops out in Iraq.

Primus- would be a brand of cheese.

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