Productive weekend

I’ve been commissioned to write for another HeroQuest Book by Issaries Inc.

Unlike the other book to which I’m merely contributing, which seems on indefinite hiatus as the Project lead works on a completely different project, I’m the Project Lead on this one since 75% of it is my work. Its a book of scenarios for Beginning GMs. I’ve also thrown in a couple of starting towns to act as ready made bases for the adventurers and two essays of tips and tricks (one for runing the game and another for writing adventures). I can’t say much more than this, due to Non-disclosure agreements, but its in four sections and I’ve polished off section one this weekend. Yah! This is good because I’ve given myself two months to put it together.

In other news Rach is really getting her head down and doing her assignments, rather than being a typical student and leaving it to the last moment.

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