Bring on the War!!!

Battlemasters really knocked it out of me. Mainly because of two late nights and two 12 hour drinking sessions, but also from the intensity that I hit the event with. I made up my mind before hand that I was REALLY going to enjoy myself in the same way as I did at Continuum 2004. Now Continuum was a much better organised and run event. It was held over three days, I ran solidly throughout (except Saturday night when I joined in Ginger Matt’s 14 player game of Lunch Money) and I was almost constantly surrounded by good folk and conversation. All this had the result that I was graining ear to ear for the whole three days.

Now BM was always going to be a bit ropey. I have had ones were I haven’t enjoyed myself because I haven’t got to run as many games, and my friends have been in games so I’m left mopping around. This year with it being a smaller non published event was defiantly shaping up to be a crap one. A stinker in fact. I realised that the only thing you can change about this experience is your perception of it. So that’s what I did. I did some self evaluation and was lucky enough to have a vivid dream that related to the event, which I worked with. Overall by the time I was on the train to Leicester I was well primed and ready to explode in an aura of joy. Net result everything went much better than expected, any obstacles were quickly removed and everything generally fell into place.

This positive wave didn’t stop here. Work was great last week as well. Despite still being shattered I stuck my head down and got the results I wanted. The opportunities are opening up and things are chilled. All I have to do is make it happen. Woohhoo!!!

But I was left tired. Really dog tired. Even resting over the weekend didn’t sort it out.

Until this morning when I woke up shattered and bit the bullet and did my Chinese exercises (5 min warm up, 5 mins of deep breathing exercises, 15 min Tai-chi form). Then suddenly the warmth was back in my body, the grin appeared on my face, my mind was alive. I was literally whooping around the room.

Just as well since theres lots of work at work to be done and suddenly I’ve got a writing project that I really needed to get nailed (more of that later)

I’m fighting fit for it now….so bring it on!

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