Aching from the weekend

Well I’m back at work just about. Had a big burst of energy yesterday and got one of my frogs well and truly eaten at work. More eating frogs later, but first catching up with…..

Friday: Skipped off work to catch the 3:10 train to Leicester. Had a pleasant journey down supping beer and listening to the new Strapping Young Lad LP ‘Alien’ (metal mayhemic madness currently my album of the year). Got to Leicester had a quick taxi over and I was at Digby Hall. Over enusastically greeted the usual crowd with rugby tackles, many of whom had been in the pub since 3 responded in kind. Got room keys dumped gear, drinking continued. At 3am after much talking about utter nonsense and oh gaming drinking ended and I somehow got back to my room, took off my boots and went to bed.

Saturday. Breakfast was much earlier and shorter than normal, 7:30-8:30 and miraculously I managed to make it. Many did not. Not that they missed much, for this my first brush with the utter crap and incompetany that was the hall’s food service. This happens every year, but usually I bring stuff to cook/heat up in the kitchen of the accommodation block. I was lazy this year. Never again!!!! Ran a game of RuneQuest in the morning which went well in a retro gaming sort of way. My HeroQuest game in the afternoon didn’t run since the two players who signed up defected, with my permission, to Cthulhu. Sat around chatting with Ginger Matt, and then got into the collectable model making gaming nonsense that is Pirates (YAR!!) It started with an innocent buy a pack for £2.25. By the end of the con I had five to six packs. I spent most of my free time playing, putting together or buying this game.This game is defiantly gamer crack! In the evening I ran my Unknown Armies game, All the Primeministers’ Men, for the Cthulhu regulars who enjoyed it immensely. Stayed up until about one in the morning, then bowed out gracefully leaving an undrunk pint of Guiness.

Sunday. Took it easy in the morning, mainly chatting to people. In the afternoon played Pirates, which I won YAR!!! Bought a hardback copy of Cthluhu Dreamlands which I’ve been after for years for a bargain price (£15 new) Then it all crawled to a close at about 4. I had fallen on my feet and got a lift back with my mate the esteemed Mr Keary. As we zoomed up the M1 we talked about life, games and JGIFD.

Monday general tiredness caught up, as I pottered round the house and played on the computer. Glad I took it off.

Good news is that for the first time ever Eurolog have booked the venue straight away, so we will be there again on April 21st-23rd 2006.

Overall an ace little con, which although was very short I made the most of. Pure gaming fun 🙂

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