Green Nose day

Woke up nice and early to beat the commuter rush to Manchester and found the cold that had been threatening to take hold was well and truly here. In a sort of achy limbs, snotty nosed grumpy way. Had a nice hot bath, did exercise and even had a nice breakfast. None of this would break the green funk that had descended upon my head.

So I decided to troll into work and have an easy day of it. Which I managed to do. Felt accomplished for it, since it would have been pointless staying at home to mope. However the green was still with me. Talked to Rach who showed 0 sympathy, because she is currently doing nights. Resigned myself to felling crap for the rest of the week. Even the curry I made myself was green…..

Then after tea and a cup of coffee it suddenly vanished. I spent the rest of the evening catching up with people, playing on-line games and laughing uncontrollably to myself.

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