Shall I pet this peeve

I’m not going to dwell upon this, because life is too short, but I do believe I found a new pet peeve.

People with Laptops on trains

1.Look your not in your office. There isn’t really space to fit it on the table, which is more of a light snack reading affair, without taking other people’s space. But hey you are going to do it anyway, proving to the world that you are an inconsiderate bastard.

2.The rest of us are trying to chill out before arriving at work. You with your incessant taping upset this process and bring the workplace unexpectably here and now.

3. Don’t try to look cool listening to MP3s on your Laptop. Get a small discrete MP3 player. Its less invasive of other people’s space (see1) and is actually cool.

4.In a similar vein to the above, Minesweeper is not Half-life 2.

5.With the screen up we can’t see your hands, which look as if they are at groin level. This makes your fellow travellers rather worried and slightly queasy.

So please will all you nouvelle-yuppie-technotwat tossers stop using your Laptops on the train.

(or at least fuck off to 1st class)

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