Woke up this morning……

……renewed and revitalised, and with my sense of humour returned.

DOH! I should have seen the metomorphisis into a Greyface coming. The working hard and desperatly at work, as if my life depended upon it. Trying to change too many habits at once. Getting snappy with littlerachcat when she gives me feed back about my progress which I’ve asked for!!!!! Not to mention the whole “ohhha I’m going to use this journal to highlight my creativity and not my inner teenager” bs.

I usually go through a Long Dark Night of the Soul in February. Thankfully it was short and very harmless, rather than involving depressive isolation and knives as in some previous years. More of a short flickering light night of the soul.

What I’ve learnt though this is that

  • I can work very hard, while having fun
  • Change my bad habits without it being a trail
  • That being essentially silly and warm-hearted is the core of who I am.

Well I’m back to normal (as is the funky orange theme yay!)

Let the fun commence!

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