Whoosh bang !!!

Well yesterday was fun. A really quick day at work. More important stuff got out of the way.

Also had the nice one of discovering that work’s canteen has reopened at the other end of the floor. Had a cracking bowl of tomato soup and a bread roll for 60p, which surprisingly filled me up.

Trains turned into a complete nightmare on the way home though. Points trouble at Stalybrigde, 20mins out of Manchester, meant all traiins to Leeds from Manc Piccadilly were cancelled/held up. So I trudge over to Manchester Victoria, second choice for trains home because its the local route which takes one and a half hours as opposed to one. Problem is so does everyone else, and trains start getting held up there, to get all the whining people on. So over a pint of Guiness in the rather nice Victorian bar I make the strategic decision to catch the train over to Rochdale and stay at the inlaws. Ring Rachel who starts driving over. Eventually three hours after leaving work get to Rach’s parents only to find out that Rach is stuck in a traffic jam. After one hour of sitting in slow traffic, she knocks it on the head and comes back to Leeds and the Cats. So I had the nice one of spending time with her parents without her being there. Had fun watching “Grumpy Old Men” (Will Self’s monologue about Ikea tickled me the most) and chatting over a couple of beers.

Got up early and caught the train from a windswept Rochdale station.

Work more of the same productive ease that its been this week. Heading home early, just in case there’s more delays, to spend a quite night in with Rach.

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