Bananas and Tea!

Well the weekend was lovely. Got a nice balance between doing stuff and slack just right, although littlerachcat said I did nothing….which was sort of true đŸ™‚

Went out for Alison’s Birthday. Me and Rach did the early shift, which was Fuji Hiros, so apologies to all those people who did the second part, the Lounge and Booze, who I missed. Unfortunatly finances at the moment are a bit tight (to say the least). I had a nice meal of chillied worms (opps sorry pan fried noodles) and got to see itsjustaname‘s awesome chopstick skills, since she was up from London for the weekend. It was weird to hear her elaborate on some of the stories that she has put in her LJ. My information filter kept on switching on and off. Good job keefybabe wasn’t in attendance otherwise everytime he swore it would have bought flash backs to some of his more LJ colourful rants.

Feeling extremely perky now. Not only was last week a cracking good start to the year, but since I didn’t have any alcohol over the weekend I’m really buzzing on a natural high of mental and physical happyness.

Been a productive day at work again, I’ve drunk lots of tea and ate serveral bananas which are taking the place of the pies from Greggs downstairs.

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